25 RANDOM facts about me

1. I used to be afraid the rhythm was going to get me…
2. I don’t like sporks…is it a fork….is it a spoon???
3. I also am afraid of River Dancing….It’s just weird the way their legs flail about and their upper body remains completely still….WEIRD!
4. I am probably the most conceited “fat girl” you will ever meet (I DO believe I am a plus-size Barbie…now if only i could find my Ken)……….
5. I think I am perfect and completely fucked up at the same time………..
6. I have a really dark sense of humor and will laugh at the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times possible…………..
7. I will either give you 110% or NOTHING at all. There is no in-between with me.
9. I’m a FIGHTER….which also means a SURVIVOR
10. I’ve been to hell and back about 50 times…you would wonder why I keep stoppin back over there….
11. I am very naive and trusting….to a fault….
12. I have always wanted to be a professional dancer…………
13. I was once a runaway bride (well sort-of)
14. My first true love died nine years ago….and my Grandfather died 2 1/2 years ago….I still talk to them both daily.
15. I only have a few friends that have been hand-chosen by me……my life is not a popularity contest….
16. I am obsessed with my dogs (I miss you Peru and XO!!)
17. I am much deeper and more complex than most poeple give me credit for unless they stick around for awhile; then many are amazed by how many talents I possess… (I have been told I’m like an onion (taken from Shrek) …you have to peel away the layers to get to the heart of me)….
18. I am often wonder if I will ever find true love…it seems to elude me….
19. I am 33 and still haven’t figured out my life plan yet………..
20. I would rather do Blockbusters vs. going to the movie theater and I am obsessed with movies!!
21. I am a dreamer……….
22. I am obsessed with journaling- I have this weird fascination that one day someone will read what I wrote and I will somehow impact or change their life.
23. I secretly want to be on Oprah one day…
24. I love Mexican food and could probably eat some form of it everyday!!
25. I once had over 200 pairs of shoes.  My ex donated them after we broke up…..I still mourn the loss of them!!
    • Momma
    • March 1st, 2010

    Mary, this is awesome!!

  1. Well, I can safely say that # 18 no longer applies! lol

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