Wild Horses are Running in My Riverbed

 Not really the blog I wanted to write…but…   


WOW!  I have not been on here in soooo long; it’s pathetic!  I will most definitely try to be better about blogging.  Let’s see… so much has happened…where do I begin?  I left off when I was leaving to go on a cruise.  I did and totally loved it!  I met some great people, laughed too hard, and just really got to relax and enjoy life.  I went snorkeling for the first time EVER!  It was a blast!  Got to see a blow fish (all puffed up) and a sea spider (gross!).  Took me a minute to figure out how to breathe through the tube and not my nose and I spooked myself a few times! LMAO!  Only me!!    

After we came back, I went through a few life changes.  Broke up with my boyfriend of four years.  Very difficult thing to do but necessary.  It was already over but we were both too polite to say it.  Someone had to “man up”… so…yeah.  It’s funny though…once it happens, people can get so mean and bitter…and then you start to go back and remember the beginning…and you kind of start to miss them and wonder if you did the right thing…very “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”  But, yeah, so now I’m COMPLETELY over it and am almost ready to get out there again.  I just really want to find a nice, genuine guy that has a great sense of humor.  A little bit of a home-body mixed with someone who’s down for almost anything.  Someone that has a job, a car, and no chemical dependency!! lol  I know the last ones are probably a prerequisite for most people…     

But, time does heal everything and after a few months of soul searching, I am finally in a happy place.  Have gone through some other things…but probably not appropriate to blog about…lol No, nothing detrimental…obviously.

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