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“Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind.”


I have seen the movie “The Secret Life of Bees” with Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, and Dakota Fanning.  Amazing movie.  So this weekend I am garage-sale-shopping with a friend and I come across this book.  Immediately, I purchase it… and I am soooo glad I did!  It’s an amazing story no matter what but it is soooo much more powerful in print than in film.  I know that’s true of most stories…  but VERY noticeable in this one!!    

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, I would highly recommend it.  I completely enjoyed this book. The story is about a girl named Lily, who is the main character.  It’s a coming-of-age story where she learns to come into her own.  The basis begins with Lily  running away from her abusive father on a journey to find out the truth about her mother, who died when she was very young.  

The book also addresses  racial tension in the midst of the civil rights movement, and explores this issue when Lily finds a temporary home with a family of African-American sisters who are beekeepers.   

Anyway…VERY good read!  Am about to tackle Sharon Osborne’s new autobiography: Extreme.  I will let you know how that goes… 



“We call ourselves friends for a reason; After today I don’t know the definition…”

I’m starting to find it comical how some people actually think it’s ok to treat someone else with a complete lack of disregard, indifference, malice, and a mean spirit.  Then, when you finally say “ENOUGH!” suddenly you are the bad guy and just so “hard to please.”  How about just showing some common decency and respect …along with…I don’t know… some consideration…and see where that gets you… UGH!  And people should remember that just because you go around talking smack doesn’t mean that anyone actually believes it.  People that actually know the people involved know what the REAL situation is and if they don’t- once they did I’m sure they would see things in a whole new light.  It’s easy to point the finger at someone else and blame them for everything.  The fact is: It takes two to tango and it’s a two way street in any relationship; friendship or otherwise…And I can’t stand people who feel they have to pick and pick and pick and throw lug after lug, jab after jab to start an argument.  If you have something to say or need to get it off your chest; JUST SAY IT! Damn!         
Yes, this is my rant-of-the-day.  I have been struggling with this for sometime.  How does someone who is your “best friend” that you have lived with for the past four years – been through hell and back together suddenly turn their back on you because they are in pursuit of a new dream of a life with a new man?  I mean, honestly, isn’t it possible to still maintain friendships when you are in a relationship?  And just because they are now in a “relationship” does that mean its ok for them to become callous and just plain mean toward you because they think that somehow impresses their their significant other…or maybe it’s because they suddenly think they’re “better than”?  I mean obviously, the dynamics of your friendship is going to change.  We’re no longer two single chicks runnin amuck in the city on a saturday night.  (We moved past that years ago…)  I just feel so lost, and baffled, and genuinely hurt by this persons indifference and lack of any consideration toward me.  And when is it ok to suddenly start lying to your “best friend” or feeling you have to be censored because you now have a boyfriend?
I’m just feeling a little lost.  We’ve made the decision to go our separate ways.  In (30) days we will be moving into our own apartments (though we’ll be in the same building.)  I know it sounds like baby steps but I think it’s actually a giant leap for both of us.  I have never lived fully on my own without a roommate.  I am scared, happy, excited, anxious…you have NO idea! lol  But, honestly, more than anything I am just hoping it will salvage what little friendship we may still have.  It’s pathetic when you live in the same house as someone and you don’t even speak.  I’ve tried talking to her, tried making things right, tried pointing out why I feel the way I do and its only met with eye-rolls, “Whatever”(s), “You’re never happy”, etc. etc.  I never have my feelings validated.  So…I’ve decided to stop trying.  I figure if it’s not important to her for us to remain close…well the best way to say it is, “Never make someone a priority when to them you are just an option.”
I just miss my friend.