My Life in Syndication

What I am about?  Contradiction, animation, love, laughter, and learning to just breathe and be and understand this life.   I live my life for myself and for nobody else.  I do what makes me happy and no one has the right to judge me for that.  I come from a great family~ and by family I also mean friends; people who are open- minded enough to respect that I am an individual and I will Be The person that I was put on this earth to be.  I believe that life can be too short and that this is it; you have one life~ one opportunity~ to make it all happen.  I believe in living life to the fullest ~ not cluttering it with unnecessary drama…just loads of animation.  I have a few people in my life that I can actually call friends, and that’s fine with me… Life is not about popularity, just a handful of individuals that have been hand chosen by me.  I don’t let many people in… I don’t trust many… my guard is up and my wall is high ♥ Trust and loyalty mean everything to me ♥ Know this…once I let you “in”, I wont turn my back on you.  Betray me and I have no problem saying goodbye to you forever and never looking back. That’s how my world works. You want to be in it, Respect it… Understand it… Love it… Be about it…

What do I love?  Anything that can enliven the ether… Thunderstorms, lightning, yoga, music, spirituality, laughter, dancing, mayan mochas, long walks, singing, good advice, candles, moonlit vistas, warm breezes, smiles that light up the universe, extra long hugs, delicious meaningful conversations, nirvana in a kiss, Irish pub singing, deep centeredness, feeling someone’s body heat, listening to someone’s heartbeat, raspberry martinis, unexplained phenomena, undeniable passion, dancing in the rain, buddhas and mirrorballs, camping  by firelight, empowering human beings, curling up with a good book, chasing clouds with a camera, curious debates and philosophizing, persian mandolins and tribal drumming, wishing on a falling star, jasmine, myrrh and lavender, fields of flowers, singing in the shower, my constant evolution, multi-dimensional people, and the valley of sound.

Welcome to my life; this is your opportunity to step into my mind and take a look around.  These are the ramblings of my brain and my life. Enjoy! ♥



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